Meet The Team

Ross Wasserman

Ross founded Cable Distribution Services to leverage his unique skill set stemming from 15 years as an electrician working on extrusion lines and designing cable processing machinery, then managing a company specialising in the sale of cable and electrical equipment in South Africa. After immigrating to Australia and working in the industry here, Ross decided to found his own cable company built on a core values of integrity, knowledge and experience.

It’s these common values that Ross advertised when selecting the rest of his team, who were chosen for their experience, passion and great customer service skills.

Besides his business, Ross’s passions are his family, his charity (cofounded in 2011), his community and cycling.


Alan Collins

The longest standing employee of CDS, Alan Collins has been with Ross since the beginning. From his previous role at Multi-Contact, Alan brought a level of expertise in connectors and cables as well as extensive experience with milspec applications. Alan’s technical knowledge has been pivotal to the success of CDS and he is proud to be part of an organisation that is respected in the industry.

Alan’s greatest passion is to see his family happy & healthy.

Stephen Collins

Stephen is the youngest member of the CDS team, leaving a customer service role in 2010 to learn the ropes in the warehouse. His experience with the warehousing and logistics of cable is invaluable.

You may see Steve in a film or two & when he gets his break-out role he will be sorely missed!

Neville Hawkins

In 2011 DKSH State Manager Neville Hawkins joined the CDS team after spending most of his career in the cable industry. At DKSH, Neville oversaw a massive expansion in the product profile and customer base and has bought these skills with him to successfully develop the CDS product range and increase sales. Neville is a guru of specialist industrial products and prides himself on finding tailored solutions to meet his client’s needs.

Neville enjoys keeping fit with solo & team sports as well as catching up over a meal and a glass of Cabernet.

Kylee Hibbert

Kylee joined CDS in 2013 after 3 years with Olex. Kylee is a consummate customer service professional, aiming to provide the best experience and right solution to our clients which she manages with a friendly attitude and infectious laugh. She enjoys learning about specialist application products particularly in pumping and marine environments.

Her greatest achievement to date is home ownership & her FURst puppy, a papillon-corgi cross.

Eliane Turner

Eliane has been the accounts manager, money wrangler and stationery queen at CDS since the beginning. Her attention to detail and no-nonsense attitude helps to keep us all in line while her strong accounts and financial management background is a god-send for the company. Eliane works for a number of different businesses in Perth but she loves working for Ross and the CDS team the most (we didn’t pay her to say that, promise!). Eliane is proud to have seen the business grow from the early days of 3 staff having Christmas get-togethers at her favourite Trigg Island Café to the 11 staff we have today.

Eliane’s passion is spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter while also finishing renovations to her home.

Paul Orso

Paul was brought on board in 2014 to manage the data and communications division of Cable Distribution Services. Conceived from a desire for a better quality data product in a market flooded with cheap imports, Dataflow was developed to meet the stringent quality requirements and technical expectations of the Australian market. Paul has more than 14 years experience in data and communications including inventory control, stock profiling, business development and negotiating supply contracts. These skills have been invaluable in securing large telecoms clients and will help to position CDS as a supplier of the highest quality data cables, fibre trays, patch leads and accessories.

Paul has always enjoyed tinkering with electronics as well as getting off-road and going camping.

Wayne Bowen

Wayne worked alongside Paul at a previous data and communications distributor and has brought with him a network of strong wholesaler relationships built from a lifetime of dedicated customer service. With 13 years in the industry, Wayne is methodical and hard-working with a technical proficiency that is second to none. He uses these skills to secure new clients as well as building fully loaded kits for customers.

Wayne is passionate about his family, particularly his newborn son.

Kate Walker

The newest member of the CDS team, Kate brings with her more than 10 years Business Development and Marketing experience. Previously the General Manager of Cables Australia, Kate has experience negotiating international supply contracts, implementing CRM databases, increasing sales revenue through customer retention and developing marketing strategies and brand collateral.

Kate is passionate about her husband, her fur-babies and her 65 mustang coupe…and not necessarily always in that order.

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