Fire Rated Instrumentation – Overall Screened

110/150v Fire Rated Instrumentation


Fire Resistant, Halogen Free, Low smoke for – pumps & sprinkler systems, fire alarms, process control safety systems, smoke & gas detection systems.

Fire Rated Instrumentation
Part No.DescriptionNominal diameter mmApprox mass kg/100mMinimum Bending Radius during installationMaximum pulling tension kN
FR1P0.75SCR1 Pair 0.75mm²7.86.61150.06
FR2P0.75SCR2 Pair 0.75mm²12.213.01850.12
FR4P0.75SCR4 Pair 0.75mm²13.520.52000.24
FR6P0.75SCR6 Pair 0.75mm²16.329.32400.36
FR8P0.75SCR8 Pair 0.75mm²18.638.22800.48
FR10P0.75SCR10 Pair 0.75mm²20.446.23100.6
FR12P0.75SCR12 Pair 0.75mm²22.355.03400.72
FR16P0.75SCR16 Pair 0.75mm²25.571.73800.96
FR20P0.75SCR20 Pair 0.75mm²28.388.54301.2
FR24P0.75SCR24 Pair 0.75mm²30.9105.24601.4
FR1P1.5SCR1 Pair 1.5mm²8.48.01250.12
FR2P1.5SCR2 Pair 1.5mm²13.215.82000.24
FR4P1.5SCR4 Pair 1.5mm²14.725.62200.48
FR6P1.5SCR6 Pair 1.5mm²17.636.92700.72
FR8P1.5SCR8 Pair 1.5mm²20.248.23000.96
FR10P1.5SCR10 Pair 1.5mm²22.459.63401.2
FR12P1.5SCR12 Pair 1.5mm²24.571.03701.4
FR16P1.5SCR16 Pair 1.5mm²2892.74201.9
FR20P1.5SCR20 Pair 1.5mm²31.1114.54702.4
FR24P1.5SCR24 Pair 1.5mm²33.9136.25002.9

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.