Festoon – Copper Braid Screen with Rubber Sheath

Flat Festoon Copper Braid Screen (N)GFLGOU-JZ Rubber Black Sheath, Flexible


300/500V cables, EPR rubber compound insulated, PCP rubber compound outer sheath, tinned copper braid screen with >80% coverage, flame retardant, plain copper conductors, 25mm2 extra flexible stranded class 6, 35mm2 flexible stranded class 5, to IEC 60228/DIN VDE 0295. These cables are used for festoon and handling systems, machine tools, lifts and e-chain cable carrier systems. For applications with high mechanical stress and frequent bending in one plane only. Copper screens are efficient against electro magnetic disturbances caused by power cables.

Festoon Cable – Rubber, Copper Braid Screen
Part No.DescriptionApprox. outer dimensions mmApprox.
FEST4G4BSRUB4mm² 3C+E29 x 10.5505
FEST4G6BSRUB6mm² 3C+E31 x 10.5605
FEST4G10BSRUB10mm² 3C+E36 x 11.5840
FEST4G16BSRUB16mm² 3C+E41.5 x 13.51180
FEST4G25BSRUB25mm² 3C+E47 x 151605
FEST4G35BSRUB35mm² 3C+E55 x 172520
FEST4G50BSRUB50mm² 3C+E66 x 20.53000
FESTC4G1.5BSRUB1.5mm² 3C+E18.5 x 6.5220
FESTC8G1.5BSRUB1.5mm² 7C+E36 x 7.5470
FESTC12G1.5BSRUB1.5mm² 11C+E54.5 x 8.5745
FESTC4G2.5BSRUB2.5mm² 3C+E22.5 x 7.5320
FESTC12G2.5BSRUB2.5mm² 11C+E69.5 x 9.51180

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.