The TOPFLAT® H05VVH6-F & H07VVH6-F is a flat cable specially designed for cranes, lifts, hoists, drum reeling and conveyor systems. The hanging length of the cable can reach up to 35m and its pull out speed can reach up to 1.6 m/s (overlaying cables is not recommended when installing).

Festoon Cable PVC Sheath
Part No.Cross Section mm + CoresDimensions (mm)Weight (kg/km)
FEST6G0.750.75mm² 5C+E17 x 3.9114
FEST8G0.750.75mm² 7C+E22 x 3.9171
FEST12G0.750.75mm² 11C+E31 x 3.9229
FEST16G0.750.75mm² 15C+E41 x 3.9304
FEST20G0.750.75mm² 19C+E50 x 3.9380
FEST24G0.750.75mm² 23C+E60 x 3.9447
FEST4G11mm² 3C+E12 x 4.197
FEST6G11mm² 5C+E18 x 4.1140
FEST8G11mm² 7C+E23 x 4.1182
FEST12G11mm² 11C+E33 x 4.1267
FEST16G11mm² 15C+E44 x 4.1352
FEST20G11mm² 19C+E55 x 4.1437
FEST24G11mm² 23C+E65 x 4.1523
FEST4G1.51.5mm² 3C+E17 x 5.3149
FEST6G1.51.5mm² 5C+E22 x 5.3213
FEST8G1.51.5mm² 7C+E28 x 5.3271
FEST12G1.51.5mm² 11C+E41 x 5.3399
FEST16G1.51.5mm² 17C+E54 x 5.3528
FEST4G2.52.5mm² 3C+E21 x 5.9219
FEST6G2.52.5mm² 5C+E27 x 5.9309
FEST8G2.52.5mm² 7C+E34 x 5.9399
FEST12G2.52.5mm² 11C+E50 x 5.9590
FEST4G44mm² 3C+E23 x 7.0301
FEST4G66mm² 3C+E25 x 7.2389
FEST4G1010mm² 3C+E30 x 9.3640
FEST4G1616mm² 3C+E35 x 10.5928
FEST4G2525mm² 3C+E44 x 13.11435
FEST4G3535mm² 3C+E48 x 14.41880
FEST4G5050mm² 3C+E57 x 16.32580
FEST4G7070mm² 3C+E62 x 17.83374

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.