Fire Rated – SDI Fire Rated

Single Core 110 Fire Rated Cable to AS/NZS3013 0.6/1kV

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Fire Rated single core products for use in mains and sub-mains applications. Rated to 0.6/1kV, 110°C, this LSOH range of Fire Rated cables will maintain circuit integrity and life-saving essential services in the event of fire. Stranded Flexible (Class 5) Plain Annealed Copper Conductor, X-HF-110 Insulated, HFS-110-TP Sheathed to AS/NZS 5000.1, 110°C, Fire Rated to AS/NZS 3013.

Fire Rated SDI
Part No.Cross Section mm2Conductor diameter
Max. DC Resist.
Cond. 20°C
FR1X1010mm² x 1 core4.61.9110.116.8
FR1X1616mm² x 1 core5.71.2111.223.4
FR1X2525mm² x 1 core7.10.7813.033.4
FR1X3535mm² x 1 core8.40.55414.344.5
FR1X5050mm² x 1 core10.10.38616.260.4
FR1X7070mm² x 1 core12.40.27218.782.4
FR1X9595mm² x 1 core14.20.20620.7105.0
FR1X120120mm² x 1 core15.20.16122.0131.0
FR1X150150mm² x 1 core18.00.12925.4160.0
FR1X185185mm² x 1 core19.30.10627.1195.0
FR1X240240mm² x 1 core22.90.0831.1255.0
FR1X300300mm² x 1 core25.40.06434.0313.0
FR1X400400mm² x 1 core28.50.04937.7406.0
FR1X500500mm² x 1 core32.60.03842.4502.0
FR1X630630mm² x 1 core35.30.02946.0643.0

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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