Cable Glands – A2 Nickel Plated – Industrial Glands CMP

A2 Single Seal Industrial Cable Gland, IP66


“A2” Brass Nickel Plated – Industrial Glands, IP66, IP67, IP68 – CMP
Part No. Description
GMM20S16A21RA5A M20S/16 (Clamp: 3.1 to 8.7mm)
GMM20SA21RA5A M20S (Clamp: 6.1 to 11.7mm)
GMM20A21RA5A M20 (Clamp: 6.5 to 14mm)
GMM25A21RA5A M25 (Clamp: 11.1 to 20mm)
GMM32SA21RA5A M32 (Clamp: 17 to 26.3mm)
GMM40A21RA5A M40 (Clamp: 23.5 to 32.2mm)
GMM50SA21RA5A M50S (Clamp: 31 to 38.2mm)
GMM50A21RA5A M50 (Clamp: 35.6 to 44.1mm)
GMM63SA21RA5A M63S (Clamp: 41.5 to 50mm)
GMM63A21RA5A M63 (Clamp: 47.2 to 56mm)

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.