Cable Glands – EMC Lock Nuts

Lock nuts to suit


EMC Lock Nuts
Part No.Description
GLNM16EMCSM-PE-M 16×1.5 Locknuts
GLNM20EMCSM-PE-M 20×1.5 Locknuts
GLNM25EMCSM-PE-M 25×1.5 Locknuts
GLNM32EMCSM-PE-M 32×1.5 Locknuts
GLNM40EMCSM-PE-M 40×1.5 Locknuts
GLNM50EMCSM-PE-M 50×1.5 Locknuts
GLNM63EMCSM-PE-M 63×1.5 Locknuts

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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