Cable Glands – Shrouds – CMP – A2 Glands

A range of push on shrouds which are used to minimise the risk of dirt or foreign substances gathering on the Cable Gland body, and/or point of cable to cable gland interface.


Shrouds – CMP – A2 Glands
Part No.Description
GSPVC04Shroud PVC Black, suit M16 & M20S –  A2 & CW Gland
GSPVC04OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M16 & M20S –  A2 & CW Gland
GSPVC05Shroud PVC Black, suit M20 –  A2 Gland (Carroll M20)
GSPVC05OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M20 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC06Shroud PVC Black, suit M20 –  CW Gland (Carroll M25)
GSPVC06OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M20 –  CW Gland
GSPVC09Shroud PVC Black, suit M25 – A2 & CW Gland (Carroll M32)
GSPVC09OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M25 – A2 & CW Gland
GSPVC10Shroud PVC Black, suit M32 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC10OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M32 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC13Shroud PVC Black, suit M40 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC13OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M40 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC14Shroud PVC Black, suit M50S –  A2 Gland
GSPVC14OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M50S –  A2 Gland
GSPVC17Shroud PVC Black, suit M50 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC17OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M50 –  A2 Gland
GSPVC18Shroud PVC Black, suit M50S –  CW Gland
GSPVC18OEShroud PVC Orange, suit M50S –  CW Gland

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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