Black Sheath – Overall Screened

110/150v Instrumentation Overall Screen Black Sheath

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Plain annealed copper conductors, V90PVC insulation of black & white continuous numbered pairs (or black,white & red triads), overall aluminium/polyester tape screen, tinned copper 7/020 drain wire, V90 PVC black sheath

Overall Screened – Black Sheath
Part No.DescriptionConductor   No. /Wire  mmNominal Thickness of Insulation
Nominal Overall Diameter                mmNominal Weight   kg/kmConduct Resistance        @20?
INS0501P1 Pair 0.5mm²7/
INS0502P2 Pair 0.5mm²7/
INS0503P3 Pair 0.5mm²7/
INS0504P4 Pair 0.5mm²7/
INS0506P6 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.410.512438.4
INS0508P8 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.411.716638.4
INS0510P10 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.413.921038.4
INS0512P12 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.414.323938.4
INS0516P16 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.416.331738.4
INS0520P20 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.417.939638.4
INS0524P24 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.420.547738.4
INS0536P36 Pair 0.5mm²7/0.30.423.567538.4
INS1501P1 Pair 1.5mm²7/
INS1502P2 Pair 1.5mm²7/
INS1503P3 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.410.114313.6
INS1504P4 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.413.018313.6
INS1506P6 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.414.026613.6
INS1508P8 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.415.234913.6
INS1510P10 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.418.243013.6
INS1512P12 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.419.050613.6
INS1516P16 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.421.365813.6
INS1520P20 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.423.480913.6
INS1524P24 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.427.097413.6
INS1536P36 Pair 1.5mm²7/0.50.429.7140313.6
INS0501T1 Triad 0.5mm²7/
INS0502T2 Triad 0.5mm²7/
INS0503T3 Triad 0.5mm²7/
INS0504T4 Triad 0.5mm²7/
INS0506T6 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.411.317938.4
INS0508T8 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.412.222538.4
INS0510T10 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.414.629038.4
INS0512T12 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.415.534838.4
INS0516T16 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.417.144238.4
INS0520T20 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.418.654338.4
INS0524T24 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.421.365338.4
INS0536T36 Triad 0.5mm²7/0.30.424.493638.4
INS1501T1 Triad 1.5mm²7/
INS1502T2 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.410.014213.6
INS1503T3 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.411.019813.6
INS1504T4 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.411.825113.6
INS1506T6 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.414.537313.6
INS1508T8 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.416.049113.6
INS1510T10 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.419.162413.6
INS1512T12 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.419.772613.6
INS1516T16 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.422.594613.6
INS1520T20 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.424.3115313.6
INS1524T24 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.427.7137413.6
INS1536T36 Triad 1.5mm²7/0.50.432.0201413.6

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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