Marine – Screened Signal

Low Smoke Halogen Free Copper Braid Screen Marine Signal Cable 250V


Armoured cables for signal, control & alarm purposes with reduced weight & diameter. The tinned copper braid is highly corrosion resistant and provides optimal screening. The special ripcord provides easy stripping of the outer sheath. Halogen-free and low-smoke, flame-retardant in fire conditions.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Marine Signal Copper Braid Screen
Part No.DescriptionConstructionNet
MHFS2X0.75SC2 Core x 0.75mm²2 x 0.75 mm274297.223
MHFS3X0.75SC3 Core x 0.75mm²3 x 0.75 mm285307.534
MHFS4X0.75SC4 Core x 0.75mm²4 x 0.75 mm210332845
MHFS5X0.75SC5 Core x 0.75mm²5 x 0.75 mm2121358.856
MHFS7X0.75SC7 Core x 0.75mm²7 x 0.75 mm2141389.579
MHFS12X0.75SC12 Core x 0.75mm²12 x 0.75 mm22174812.4135
MHFS19X0.75SC19 Core x 0.75mm²19 x 0.75 mm23525914.8214
MHFS27X0.75SC27 Core x 0.75mm²27 x 0.75 mm24626817.1304
MHFS37X0.75SC37 Core x 0.75mm²37 x 0.75 mm25997819.5416
MHFS2X1SC2 Core x 1mm²2 x 1.0 mm281307.630
MHFS3X1SC3 Core x 1mm²3 x 1.0 mm299327.945
MHFS4X1SC4 Core x 1mm²4 x 1.0 mm2118358.760
MHFS5X1SC5 Core x 1mm²5 x 1.0 mm2135389.475
MHFS7X1SC7 Core x 1mm²7 x 1.0 mm21654010.1105
MHFS12X1SC12 Core x 1mm²12 x 1.0 mm22545213180
MHFS19X1SC19 Core x 1mm²19 x 1.0 mm24946415.9285
MHFS27X1SC27 Core x 1mm²27 x 1.0 mm25247418.4405
MHFS37X1SC37 Core x 1mm²37 x 1.0 mm27018421.1555

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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