Relays – Slim Line Relays

Slim Line Relays – IRCU 1/24V AC/DC Interface Relay, 6.2mm wide, 1 C/O contact 230V 6A, 24V AC/DC Coil voltage

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All-purpose use as coupling relay in the PLC input or in the PLC output for controlling actuators.
Consisting of:
· Base terminal and pluggable relay
· Mounts on TS 35
· Internal EMC coil circuitry and LED display
· Screw connection

Slim Line Relays
Part No. Description
RELAY12VDC 12V DC Relay, 6A
RELAY24VDC 24V DC Relay, 6A
RELAY24VADC1CO 24V AC/DC, Slim Line Relay Module
RELAYJC16POLERD Jumper Comb – 16 Pole Plug-in Termination

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