Extension Leads – Flexible Extension Leads

V-90 insulated and PVC sheathed heavy or ordinary duty flexible cord

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PVC Extension Leads
Part No.Description
FCO2075*2 x 0.75mm² (24/0.20) O/Duty Flex
FCO3075*3 x 0.75mm² (24/0.20) O/Duty Flex
FCH3075*3 x 0.75mm² (24/0.20) H/Duty Flex
FCO4075*4 x 0.75mm² (24/0.20) O/Duty Flex
FCO5075*5 x 0.75mm² (24/0.20) O/Duty Flex
FCO3010*3 x 1.00mm² (32/0.20) O/Duty Flex
FCH3010*3 x 1.00mm² (32/0.20) H/Duty Flex
FCO4010*4 x 1.00mm² (32/0.20) O/Duty Flex
FCH4010*4 x 1.00mm² (32/0.20) H/Duty Flex
FCO2015*2 x 1.50mm² (30/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCO3015*3 x 1.50mm² (30/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCH3015*3 x 1.50mm² (30/0.25) H/Duty Flex
FCO4015*4 x 1.50mm² (30/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCH4015*4 x 1.50mm² (30/0.25) H/Duty Flex
FCO5015*5 x 1.50mm² (30/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCO2025*2 x 2.50mm² (50/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCO3025*3 x 2.50mm² (50/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCH3025*3 x 2.50mm² (50/0.25) H/Duty Flex
FCO4025*4 x 2.50mm² (50/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCH4025*4 x 2.50mm² (50/0.25) H/Duty Flex
FCO5025*5 x 2.50mm² (50/0.25) O/Duty Flex
FCO304*3 x 4mm² (56/0.30) O/Duty Flex
FCH304*3 x 4mm² (56/0.30) H/Duty Flex
FCO404*4 x 4mm² (56/0.30) O/Duty Flex
FCH404*4 x 4mm² (56/0.30) H/Duty Flex
FCO504*5 x 4mm² (56/0.30) O/Duty Flex
FCH504*5 x 4mm² (56/0.30) H/Duty Flex

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