Multi Core – PVC Braid Flexible Screened VSD/EMC – Black Sheath

XLPE/NBR 90C 0.6/1kV Screened Flexible Variable Speed Drive Cable


Designed for connection of AC Variable speed drives and incorporates an aluminium/mylar tape plus a tinned copper braid screen

PVC Braid Flexible Screened
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal
overall diameter mm
overall diameter under
Approx. Cable Weight
EMC3G1.5FLEXBK1.5mm² 2C+E12.58.6155
EMC4G1.5FLEXBK1.5mm² 3C+E13.59.5195
EMC3G2.5FLEXBK2.5mm² 2C+E13.59.6195
EMC4G2.5FLEXBK2.5mm² 3C+E14.510.6245
EMC4G4FLEXBK4mm² 3C+E16.512.7350
EMC3X6+3EFLEXBK6mm² 3C+3E19.516.0445
EMC3X10+3EFLEXBK10mm² 3C+3E21.517.9675
EMC3X16+3EFLEXBK16mm² 3C+3E23.519.5955
EMC3X25+3EFLEXBK25mm² 3C+3E28.524.51455
EMC3X35+3EFLEXBK35mm² 3C+3E32.025.72200
EMC3X50+3EFLEXBK50mm² 3C+3E33.027.22600

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.