Multi Core – PVC Flexible White Cores – Black Sheath

PVC/NBR Control Flexible White Cores Black Sheath, UV Stabilised, 300/500V


Machine tools, construction and engineering equipment, conveyors, load banks or other applications requiring numbered control cables.

PVC Flexible White Cores
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal StrandingNominal O.D.Approx.
Cable Weight
IND3G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 2C16/0.215.240
IND4G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 3C16/0.215.446
IND5G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 4C16/0.216.155
IND6G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 5C16/0.216.669
IND8G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 7C16/0.218105
IND13G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 12C16/0.219.4140
IND19G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 18C16/0.2111.2205
IND26G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 25C16/0.2113.2261
IND31G0.5BKWEC0.5mm² x 30C16/0.2113.7309
IND4G0.75BKWEC0.75mm² x 3C24/0.216.358
IND5G0.75BKWEC0.75mm² x 4C24/0.216.566
IND6G0.75BKWEC0.75mm² x 5C24/0.217.488
IND19G0.75BKWEC0.75mm² x 18C24/0.2112.4268
IND26G0.75BKWEC0.75mm² x 25C24/0.2114.8345
IND3G0.75BKWEC1mm² x 2C32/0.216.160
IND4G0.75BKWEC1mm² x 3C32/0.216.365
IND5G1BKWEC1mm² x 4C32/0.216.779
IND6G1BKWEC1mm² x 5C32/0.217.7105
IND19G1BKWEC1mm² x 18C32/0.2113.4315
IND26G1BKWEC1mm² x 25C32/0.2115470
IND37G1BKWEC1mm² x 36C32/0.2118.2600
IND3G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 2C48/0.217.185
IND4G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 3C48/0.217.392
IND5G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 4C48/0.218.3121
IND6G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 5C48/0.219.1144
IND8G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 7C48/0.2110.5190
IND13G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 12C48/0.2113.5310
IND19G1.5BKWEC1.5mm² x 18C48/0.2116.2425
IND5G2.5BKWEC2.5mm² x 4C80/0.2111192
IND8G2.5BKWEC2.5mm² x 7C80/0.2113310

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.