Energy Chain – Braid Screen PUR Halogen Free Black Sheath 0.6/1kv


Shielded continuous bending hi-flex Polyurethane power cables. Developed for systems engineering and mechanical engineering, crane and conveyor equipment, power and supply cable with extremely heavy loads

PUR Sheath – Power – Braid Screen  
Part No.Number of cores + cross section in mm²max. Ø mmcable weight kg/m
ECHAIN2X1.5BSPUR2 x 1.5mm²9.10.114
ECHAIN3G1.5BSPUR3 G 1.5mm²9.70.134
ECHAIN4G1.5BSPUR4 G 1.5mm²10.50.161
ECHAIN5G1.5BSPUR5 G 1.5mm²11.20.183
ECHAIN7G1.5BSPUR7 G 1.5mm²12.70.235
ECHAIN12G1.5BSPUR12 G 1.5mm²17.30.42
ECHAIN18G1.5BSPUR18 G 1.5mm²21.70.716
ECHAIN25G1.5BSPUR25 G 1.5mm²25.20.852
ECHAIN36G1.5BSPUR36 G 1.5mm²301.17
ECHAIN49G1.5BSPUR49 G 1.5mm²35.91.633
ECHAIN3G2.5BSPUR3 G 2.5mm²110.179
ECHAIN4G2.5BSPUR4 G 2.5mm²11.80.216
ECHAIN5G2.5BSPUR5 G 2.5mm²12.90.254
ECHAIN7G2.5BSPUR7 G 2.5mm²15.10.365
ECHAIN12G2.5BSPUR12 G 2.5mm²21.60.648
ECHAIN18G2.5BSPUR18 G 2.5mm²26.20.919
ECHAIN20G2.5BSPUR20 G 2.5mm²26.81.003
ECHAIN25G2.5BSPUR25 G 2.5mm²28.81.176
ECHAIN4G4BSPUR4 G 4mm²13.70.313
ECHAIN4G6BSPUR4 G 6mm²16.10.432
ECHAIN4G10BSPUR4 G 10mm²19.60.666
ECHAIN4G16BSPUR4 G 16mm²24.61.1
ECHAIN5G16BSPUR5 G 16mm²27.71.368
ECHAIN4G25BSPUR4 G 25mm²29.21.516
ECHAIN4G35BSPUR4 G 35mm²342.06
ECHAIN4G50BSPUR4 G 50mm²38.92.833
ECHAIN4G70BSPUR4 G 70mm²45.63.974
ECHAIN4G95BSPUR4 G 95mm²50.55.056
ECHAIN4G120BSPUR4 G 120mm²55.96.424
ECHAIN4G150BSPUR4 G 150mm²62.57.783

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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