Energy Chain – PVC Control Braid Screen Black Sheath 300/500V


Shielded continuous bending hi-flex PVC control cables. Developed for systems engineering and mechanical engineering, crane and conveyor equipment, monitoring, measuring and control cables with medium to heavy loads

PVC Sheath – Control – Braid Screen
Part No.Number of cores + cross section in mm²max. Ø mmcable weight kg/m
ECHAIN5G0.5PVCBSBK5 G 0.5mm²8.20.103
ECHAIN7G0.5PVCBSBK7 G 0.5mm²9.30.128
ECHAIN12G0.5PVCBSBK12 G 0.5mm²12.70.223
ECHAIN18G0.5PVCBSBK18 G 0.5mm²15.10.32
ECHAIN25G0.5PVCBSBK25 G 0.5mm²17.20.401
ECHAIN30G0.5PVCBSBK30 G 0.5mm²19.10.555
ECHAIN36G0.5PVCBSBK36 G 0.5mm²20.80.577
ECHAIN4G0.75PVCBSBK4 G 0.75mm²8.40.105
ECHAIN7G0.75PVCBSBK7 G 0.75mm²10.60.159
ECHAIN12G0.75PVCBSBK12 G 0.75mm²14.30.274
ECHAIN18G0.75PVCBSBK18 G 0.75mm²17.10.374
ECHAIN25G0.75PVCBSBK25 G 0.75mm²19.80.531
ECHAIN4G1PVCBSBK4 G 1mm²90.122
ECHAIN7G1PVCBSBK7 G 1mm²11.30.186
ECHAIN12G1PVCBSBK12 G 1mm²15.10.316
ECHAIN18G1PVCBSBK18 G 1mm²18.40.46
ECHAIN25G1PVCBSBK25 G 1mm²210.612
ECHAIN4G1.5PVCBSBK4 G 1.5mm²10.10.157
ECHAIN5G1.5PVCBSBK5 G 1.5mm²10.80.179
ECHAIN7G1.5PVCBSBK7 G 1.5mm²12.70.241
ECHAIN12G1.5PVCBSBK12 G 1.5mm²17.50.444
ECHAIN18G1.5PVCBSBK18 G 1.5mm²21.30.626
ECHAIN25G1.5PVCBSBK25 G 1.5mm²24.30.831
ECHAIN30G1.5PVCBSBK30 G 1.5mm²26.70.977

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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