Marine – Copper Braid Screened YOZp

Low Smoke Halogen Free Copper Braid Screen Marine Cable 0.6/1kV Black


Armoured, lightweight, reduced diameter low voltage cables for power and lighting applications in all ship areas where extra mechanical and EMC protection is needed. The tinned copper braid is highly corrosion resistant which ensures a long cable lifetime. Halogen-free and low-smoke , flame-retardant in fire conditions.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Marine Cables – Tinned Copper Braid Screened
Part No.No of cores x nominal conductor areaNet
MHF3G1.5SC2 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²131389.468
MHF4G1.5SC3 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²1584110.690
MHF5G1.5SC4 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²1914511.7113
MHF1X1.5SC1 Core Core x 1.5mm²60235.823
MHF2X1.5SC2 Core x 1.5mm²11036945
MHF3X1.5SC3 Core x 1.5mm²132389.968
MHF4X1.5SC4 Core x 1.5mm²1564110.290
MHF5X1.5SC5 Core x 1.5mm²1914511.2113
MHF6X1.5SC6 Core x 1.5mm²2214812.1135
MHF7X1.5SC7 Core x 1.5mm²2334912.6158
MHF8X1.5SC8 Core x 1.5mm²3135613.9180
MHF10X1.5SC10 Core x 1.5mm²3866315.7225
MHF12X1.5SC12 Core x 1.5mm²4006416.1270
MHF16X1.5SC16 Core x 1.5mm²5057318.2360
MHF19X1.5SC19 Core x 1.5mm²5787619428
MHF24X1.5SC24 Core x 1.5mm²7238621.5540
MHF27X1.5SC27 Core x 1.5mm²7729122.7608
MHF37X1.5SC37 Core x 1.5mm²99310426.1833
MHF3G2.5SC2 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²1714210.4113
MHF4G2.5SC3 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²2134611.9150
MHF5G2.5SC4 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²2505012.4188
MHF1X2.5SC1 Core x 2.5mm²71256.238
MHF2X2.5SC2 Core x 2.5mm²136409.975
MHF3X2.5SC3 Core x 2.5mm²1704210.8113
MHF4X2.5SC4 Core x 2.5mm²1884611.4150
MHF5X2.5SC5 Core x 2.5mm²2505012.4188
MHF7X2.5SC7 Core x 2.5mm²3095614.2263
MHF10X2.5SC10 Core x 2.5mm²4827117.8375
MHF19X2.5SC19 Core x 2.5mm²8098721.7713
MHF4G4SC3 Core & Earth x 4mm²2815112.8240
MHF1X4SC1 Core x 4mm²92276.860
MHF2X4SC2 Core x 4mm²1834411.1120
MHF3X4SC3 Core x 4mm²2314711.7180
MHF4X4SC4 Core x 4mm²2825112.7240
MHF7G6SC6 Core & Earth x 6mm²4996416.1450
MHF1X6SC1 Core x 6mm²115297.390
MHF2X6SC2 Core x 6mm²2334912.4180
MHF3X6SC3 Core x 6mm²2945212.9270
MHF4X6SC4 Core x 6mm²4125914.8360
MHF5X6SC5 Core x 6mm²4936416.1450
MHF7X6SC7 Core x 6mm²6267017.5630
MHF4G10SC3 Core & Earth x 10mm²4206015.2450
MHF5G10SC4 Core & Earth x 10mm²5376716.8600
MHF1X10SC1 Core x 10mm²156328.1150
MHF2X10SC2 Core x 10mm²3585714.4300
MHF3X10SC3 Core x 10mm²4626015.1450
MHF4X10SC4 Core x 10mm²5866716.7600
MHF4G16SC3 Core & Earth x 16mm²8577719.4960
MHF1X16SC1 Core x 16mm²229379.3240
MHF2X16SC2 Core x 16mm²5056616.5480
MHF3X16SC3 Core x 16mm²6707017.5720
MHF4X16SC4 Core x 16mm²8707719.3960
MHF1X25SC1 Core x 25mm²3364511.2375
MHF2X25SC2 Core x 25mm²7358020.1750
MHF3X25SC3 Core x 25mm²9948521.91125
MHF4X25SC4 Core x 25mm²12819423.61500
MHF5G35SC4 Core & Earth x 35mm²212312130.22625
MHF1X35SC1 Core x 35mm²4685313.2525
MHF2X35SC2 Core x 35mm²9599423.41050
MHF1X50SC1 Core x 50mm²6055914.7750
MHF1X70SC1 Core x 70mm²8306616.61050
MHF1X95SC1 Core x 95mm²10917518.71425
MHF1X120SC1 Core x 120mm²13508220.51800
MHF1X150SC1 Core x 150mm²16509022.62250
MHF1X185SC1 Core x 185mm²208410125.32775
MHF1X240SC1 Core x 240mm²261511227.93600
MHF1X300SC1 Core x 300mm²351612631.64500

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.