Marine – Fire Resistant Flexible YZp+ FR

Flexible Low Smoke Halogen Free Fire Resistant Marine Cable 0.6/1kV Black


Fire Resistant according to new IEC 60331-1/2 (2009) specifications low voltage power cables for power and lighting applications in all ship areas, with extruded filler for heavy duty applications, giving the cable optimal roundness and making sealing in cable transits easier. High abrasion resistant sheath and easily strippable with the ripcord. Halogen-Free, low smoke, flame retardant and fire resistant in fire conditions.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Marine Cables – Flexible Fire Resistant
Part No.No of cores x nominal conductor areaNet
MHFFL1X35FR1 Core x 35mm²4115212.9525
MHFFL2X35FR2 Core x 35mm²1260100251050
MHFFL3X35FR3 Core x 35mm²154910726.71575
MHFFL4X35FR4 Core x 35mm²197011929.72100
MHFFL1X50FR0FR1 Core x 50mm²5425714.3750
MHFFL2X50FR2 Core x 50mm²163711328.21500
MHFFL3X50FR0FR3 Core x 50mm²2045120302250
MHFFL4X50FR0FR4 Core x 50mm²260013333.33000
MHFFL1X70FR1 Core x 70mm²7456616.41050
MHFFL3X70FR3 Core x 70mm²279613834.53150
MHFFL4X70FR4 Core x 70mm²356115338.34200
MHFFL1X90FR1 Core x 90mm²9697418.41425
MHFFL3X90FR3 Core x 90mm²359215438.54275
MHFFL4X90FR4 Core x 90mm²459217142.85700
MHFFL1X120FR1 Core x 120mm²12208521.21800
MHFFL3X120FR3 Core x 120mm²462417944.85400
MHFFL4X120FR4 Core x 120mm²590620049.97200
MHFFL1X15FR0FR1 Core x 150mm²14919022.52250
MHFFL3X15FR0FR3 Core x 150mm²554418947.36750
MHFFL4X150FR4 Core x 150mm²712421152.89000
MHFFL1X185FR1 Core x 185mm²18029824.42775
MHFFL3X185FR3 Core x 185mm²669420651.68325
MHFFL4X185FR4 Core x 185mm²859723057.511100
MHFFL1X240FR1 Core x 240mm²244511227.93600
MHFFL3X240FR3 Core x 240mm²904923659.110800
MHFFL1X30FR0FR1 Core x 300mm²306112330.74500

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.