Marine – Low Voltage Shipboard Cable YZp

Low Smoke Halogen Free Marine Cable 0.6/1kV Black


Lightweight, reduced diameter low voltage power cables for power and lighting applications in all ship areas. High abrasion resistant sheath and easily strippable with ripcord. Halogen-free and low-smoke, flame-retardant in fire conditions. Different sheath colours available on request.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Shipboard Cable
Part No.No of cores x nominal conductor areaNet
MHF2X12 Core x 1mm²56307.430
MHF3G1.52 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²92348.568
MHF4G1.53 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²114379.390
MHF5G1.54 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²1384010.1113
MHF7G1.56 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²1804511.2158
MHF1X1.51 Core x 1.5mm²36204.923
MHF2X1.52 Core x 1.5mm²68327.945
MHF3X1.53 Core x 1.5mm²92348.568
MHF4X1.54 Core x 1.5mm²114379.390
MHF5X1.55 Core x 1.5mm²1384010.1113
MHF6X1.56 Core x 1.5mm²1694511.2135
MHF7X1.57 Core x 1.5mm²1794511.2158
MHF8X1.58 Core x 1.5mm²2225213180
MHF10X1.510 Core x 1.5mm²2896215.6225
MHF12X1.512 Core x 1.5mm²2925914.8270
MHF16X1.516 Core x 1.5mm²3856816.9360
MHF19X1.519 Core x 1.5mm²4437218.1428
MHF24X1.524 Core x 1.5mm²5748120.2540
MHF27X1.527 Core x 1.5mm²6098521.2608
MHF3G2.52 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²125389.5113
MHF4G2.53 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²1584210.4150
MHF5G2.54 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²1974611.5188
MHF7G2.56 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²2515012.6263
MHF1X2.51 Core x 2.5mm²47215.338
MHF2X2.52 Core x 2.5mm²9536975
MHF3X2.53 Core x 2.5mm²125389.5113
MHF4X2.54 Core x 2.5mm²1584210.4150
MHF5X2.55 Core x 2.5mm²1974611.5188
MHF7X2.57 Core x 2.5mm²2515012.6263
MHF1G41 Core & Earth x 4mm²64245.960
MHF3G42 Core & Earth x 4mm²1754310.7180
MHF4G43 Core & Earth x 4mm²2294811.9240
MHF1X41 Core x 4mm²64245.960
MHF2X42 Core x 4mm²1304010.1120
MHF3X43 Core x 4mm²1774310.7180
MHF4X44 Core x 4mm²2274811.9240
MHF5X45 Core x 4mm²2845313.1240
MHF1G61 Core & Earth x 6mm²86266.490
MHF3G62 Core & Earth x 6mm²2394812.1270
MHF4G63 Core & Earth x 6mm²3075313.2360
MHF1X61 Core x 6mm²84266.490
MHF2X62 Core x 6mm²1794611.4180
MHF3X63 Core x 6mm²2394812.1270
MHF4X64 Core x 6mm²3075313.2360
MHF5X65 Core x 6mm²3855914.7450
MHF1G101 Core & Earth x 10mm²123297.2150
MHF3G102 Core & Earth x 10mm²3755513.8450
MHF4G103 Core & Earth x 10mm²4826115.2600
MHF1X101 Core Core x 10mm²127297.2150
MHF2X102 Core x 10mm²2655212.9300
MHF3X103 Core x 10mm²3635513.8450
MHF4X104 Core x 10mm²4706115.2600
MHF5X105 Core x 10mm²6076817750
MHF1X161 Core x 16mm²186338.2240
MHF2X162 Core x 16mm²3936015.1480
MHF3X163 Core x 16mm²5536416720
MHF4X164 Core x 16mm²7287117.8960
MHF5X165 Core x 16mm²9157919.81200
MHF1X251 Core x 25mm²2814010.1375
MHF2X252 Core x 25mm²5917518.7750
MHF3X253 Core x 25mm²84380201125
MHF4X254 Core x 25mm²11168922.31500
MHF1X351 Core x 35mm²3784711.8525
MHF2X352 Core x 35mm²7898822.11050
MHF1X501 Core x 50mm²4995313.2750
MHF1X701 Core x 70mm²7186215.41050
MHF1X951 Core x 95mm²9557017.51425
MHF1G1201 Core & Earth x 120mm²12447819.51800
MHF1X1201 Core x 120mm²12227819.51800
MHF1X1501 Core x 150mm²14858621.52250
MHF1X1851 Core x 185mm²189396242775
MHF1X2401 Core x 240mm²2402162273600

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.