Offshore – BFOU Fire & Mud Resistant Cables

BFOU Fire Resistant Mud Resistant and Halogen Free Offshore Cable P5/P12 0.6/1kV


Fire Resistant, Halogen Free & MUD-resistant low voltage cables for fixed installation on offshore topsides in safe & EX-areas.. For power, control and lighting applications. Design standards: IEC-60092-353 and NEK TS 606-2009. With tinned copper wire braid for EMI and mechanical protection, with sufficient cross section to be used as Protective Earth according to IEC 60092-352. Meets the fire resistant standards set both by the IEC 60331-21 and the more demanding 60331- 1/ 2 (2009) specification for use in areas where circuit integrity in fire conditions is required. Cores sizes >25mm2 have extra flexible Class 5/6 conductors with resistance Class 2, for improved flexibility.

BFOU Fire Resistant Mud Resistant & Halogen Free Offshore Cables
Part No.DescriptionNet
BFOU2X1FR2 Core x 1mm²3048213,630
BFOU3X1FR3 Core x 1mm²3228514,145
BFOU4X1FR4 Core x 1mm²3669115,260
BFOU5X1FR5 Core x 1mm²4149716,275
BFOU3G1.5FR2 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²3508814,768
BFOU4G1.5FR3 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²4049515,990
BFOU5G1.5FR4 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²45910217113
BFOU7G1.5FR6 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²52111018,4158
BFOU1X1.5FR1 Core x 1.5mm²135599,823
BFOU2X1.5FR2 Core x 1.5mm²3268514,145
BFOU3X1.5FR3 Core x 1.5mm²3508814,768
BFOU4X1.5FR4 Core x 1.5mm²4039515,990
BFOU5X1.5FR5 Core x 1.5mm²45910217113
BFOUC6X1.5FR6 Core x 1.5mm²53111018,4135
BFOUC7X1.5FR7 Core x 1.5mm²52111018,4158
BFOUC8X1.5FR8 Core x 1.5mm²61111919,9180
BFOUC10X1.5FR10 Core x 1.5mm²72813422,3225
BFOUC12X1.5FR12 Core x 1.5mm²76113722,9270
BFOUC16X1.5FR16 Core x 1.5mm²93315325,5360
BFOUC19X1.5FR19 Core x 1.5mm²101916026,6428
BFOUC24X1.5FR24 Core x 1.5mm²126618030540
BFOUC27X1.5FR27 Core x 1.5mm²134918831,3608
BFOUC30X1.5FR30 Core x 1.5mm²144819632,6675
BFOUC37X1.5FR37 Core x 1.5mm²187722036,7833
BFOU3G2.5FR2 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²4189515,9113
BFOU4G2.5FR3 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²47010116,9150
BFOU5G2.5FR4 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²55111018,4188
BFOU7G2.5FR6 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²62011819,7263
BFOU1X2.5FR1 Core x 2.5mm²1526110,238
BFOU2X2.5FR2 Core x 2.5mm²3839115,275
BFOU3X2.5FR3 Core x 2.5mm²4179515,9113
BFOU4X2.5FR4 Core x 2.5mm²47010116,9150
BFOU5X2.5FR5 Core x 2.5mm²55111018,4188
BFOUC6X2.5FR6 Core x 2.5mm²62611819,7225
BFOUC7X2.5FR7 Core x 2.5mm²62011819,7263
BFOUC8X2.5FR8 Core x 2.5mm²74613021,6300
BFOUC10X2.5FR10 Core x 2.5mm²88914624,3375
BFOUC12X2.5FR12 Core x 2.5mm²93715025450
BFOUC16X2.5FR16 Core x 2.5mm²115716727,9600
BFOUC19X2.5FR19 Core x 2.5mm²127317529,1713
BFOUC24X2.5FR24 Core x 2.5mm²158919732,8900
BFOUC27X2.5FR27 Core x 2.5mm²170020634,41013
BFOUC30X2.5FR30 Core x 2.5mm²2006222371125
BFOUC37X2.5FR37 Core x 2.5mm²236824140,21388
BFOU3G4FR2 Core & Earth x 4mm²50110217180
BFOU4G4FR3 Core & Earth x 4mm²58411018,4240
BFOU5G4FR4 Core & Earth x 4mm²67411919,8300
BFOU1X4FR1 Core x 4mm²1796510,860
BFOU2X4FR2 Core x 4mm²4569816,3120
BFOU3X4FR3 Core x 4mm²51110217180
BFOU4X4FR4 Core x 4mm²58311018,4240
BFOU5X4FR5 Core x 4mm²67411919,8300
BFOU3G6FR2 Core & Earth x 6mm²61011018,4270
BFOU4G6FR3 Core & Earth x 6mm²71011919,8360
BFOU5G6FR4 Core & Earth x 6mm²84413021,6450
BFOU1X6FR1 Core x 6mm²2106911,590
BFOU2X6FR2 Core x 6mm²53010417,4180
BFOU3X6FR3 Core x 6mm²61011018,4270
BFOU4X6FR4 Core x 6mm²71011919,8360
BFOU5X6FR5 Core x 6mm²84313021,6450
BFOU3G10FR2 Core & Earth x 10mm²82312621450
BFOU4G10FR3 Core & Earth x 10mm²96513622,6600
BFOU5G10FR4 Core & Earth x 10mm²113814824,7750
BFOU1X10FR1 Core x 10mm²2667612,6150
BFOU2X10FR2 Core x 10mm²70311919,8300
BFOU3X10FR3 Core x 10mm²82312621450
BFOU4X10FR4 Core x 10mm²96513622,6600
BFOU5X10FR5 Core x 10mm²113814824,7750
BFOU3G16FR2 Core & Earth x 16mm²108513722,8720
BFOU4G16FR3 Core & Earth x 16mm²130414924,8960
BFOU5G16FR4 Core & Earth x 16mm²156816327,11200
BFOU1X16FR1 Core x 16mm²3788313,8240
BFOU2X16FR2 Core x 16mm²95313021,7480
BFOU3X16FR3 Core x 16mm²108013722,8720
BFOU4X16FR4 Core x 16mm²133014924,8960
BFOU5X16FR5 Core x 16mm²156816327,11200
BFOU3G25FR2 Core & Earth x 25mm²154216026,71125
BFOU4G25FR3 Core & Earth x 25mm²1862174291500
BFOU5G25FR4 Core & Earth x 25mm²225419131,81875
BFOU1X25FR1 Core x 25mm²5159415,7375
BFOU2X25FR2 Core x 25mm²130415125,2750
BFOU3X25FR3 Core x 25mm²154116026,71125
BFOU4X25FR4 Core x 25mm²1861174291500
BFOU5X25FR5 Core x 25mm²225419131,81875
BFOU3G35FR2 Core & Earth x 35mm²195218330,51575
BFOU5G35FR4 Core & Earth x 35mm²3068228382625
BFOU1X35FR1 Core x 35mm²61510417,4525
BFOU2X35FR2 Core x 35mm²163817328,81050
BFOU3X35FR3 Core x 35mm²195218330,51575
BFOU4X35FR4 Core x 35mm²238520133,52100
BFOU5X35FR5 Core x 35mm²3067228382625
BFOU3G50FR2 Core & Earth x 50mm²244020333,82250
BFOU5G50FR4 Core & Earth x 50mm²375425141,93750
BFOU1X50FR1 Core x 50mm²76511218,7750
BFOU2X50FR2 Core x 50mm²211919332,21500
BFOU3X50FR3 Core x 50mm²251820534,22250
BFOU4X50FR4 Core x 50mm²317223038,33000
BFOU5X50FR5 Core x 50mm²375425141,93750
BFOU3G70FR2 Core & Earth x 70mm²347223839,63150
BFOU1X70FR1 Core x 70mm²101512821,31050
BFOU2X70FR2 Core x 70mm²292722537,52100
BFOU3X70FR3 Core x 70mm²349823839,63150
BFOU4X70FR4 Core x 70mm²426726243,74200
BFOU5X70FR5 Core x 70mm²508228747,95250
BFOU3G95FR2 Core & Earth x 95mm²456826644,34275
BFOU1X95FR1 Core x 95mm²130713622,71425
BFOU2X95FR2 Core x 95mm²388325342,12850
BFOU3X95FR3 Core x 95mm²470926844,74275
BFOU4X95FR4 Core x 95mm²573729549,15700
BFOU5X95FR5 Core x 95mm²695232554,17125
BFOU3G120FR2 Core & Earth x 120mm²542829048,35400
BFOU1X120FR1 Core x 120mm²153814724,51800
BFOU2X120FR2 Core x 120mm²468627545,83600
BFOU3X120FR3 Core x 120mm²568829248,75400
BFOU4X120FR4 Core x 120mm²692032253,77200
BFOU5X120FR5 Core x 120mm²829035659,39000
BFOU1X150FR1 Core x 150mm²184516026,62250
BFOU2X150FR2 Core x 150mm²5563300504500
BFOU3X150FR3 Core x 150mm²678031953,26750
BFOU4X150FR4 Core x 150mm²830135258,79000
BFOU5X150FR5 Core x 150mm²996338964,811250
BFOU1X185FR1 Core x 185mm²229117529,12775
BFOU2X185FR2 Core x 185mm²716534457,45550
BFOU3X185FR3 Core x 185mm²876436761,28325
BFOU4X185FR4 Core x 185mm²1071840467,411100
BFOU5X185FR5 Core x 185mm²1286744674,313875
BFOU1X240FR1 Core x 240mm²282319031,73600
BFOU2X240FR2 Core x 240mm²8921378637200
BFOU3X240FR3 Core x 240mm²1093340367,210800
BFOU4X240FR4 Core x 240mm²1347144574,114400
BFOU5X240FR5 Core x 240mm²1615649081,718000
BFOU1X30FR1 Core x 300mm²361922136,84500
BFOU2X30FR2 Core x 300mm²1095042270,39000
BFOU3X300FR3 Core x 300mm²1354244974,913500
BFOU4X300FR4 Core x 300mm²1668649482,418000
BFOU5X300FR5 Core x 300mm²2018154590,922500
BFOU1X400FR1 Core x 400mm²453624140,16000
BFOU1X630FR1 Core x 630mm²704829248,69450

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.