Offshore – RFOU Mud Resistant Cables

RFOU Mud Resistant and Halogen Free Offshore Cable P1/P8 0.6/1kV


Halogen Free & MUD-resistant low voltage cables for fixed installation on offshore topsides, in safe & EX-areas. For power, control and lighting applications. Design standards: IEC-60092-353 and NEK TS 606-2009. With tinned copper wire braid for EMI and mechanical protection, with sufficient cross section to be used as Protective Earth according to IEC 60092-352. Cores sizes >25mm2 have extra flexible Class 5/6 conductors with resistance Class 2, for improved flexibility. Different sheath colours on request.

RFOU Mud Resistant & Halogen Free Offshore Cables
Part No.No of cores x nominal conductor areaNet
RFOU2X12 Core x 1mm²2076911,530
RFOU3X13 Core x 1mm²2257111,945
RFOU4X14 Core x 1mm²2517612,660
RFOU5X15 Core x 1mm²3198313,875
RFOU3G1.52 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²2557512,568
RFOU4G1.53 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²3218213,690
RFOU5G1.54 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²3648814,7113
RFOU7G1.56 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²4129415,7158
RFOU1X1.51 Core x 1.5mm²117538,923
RFOU2X1.52 Core x 1.5mm²258721245
RFOU3X1.53 Core x 1.5mm²2557512,568
RFOU4X1.54 Core x 1.5mm²3218213,690
RFOU5X1.55 Core x 1.5mm²3648814,7113
RFOUC6X1.56 Core x 1.5mm²4159415,7135
RFOUC7X1.57 Core x 1.5mm²4129415,7158
RFOUC8X1.58 Core x 1.5mm²48310217180
RFOUC10X1.510 Core x 1.5mm²56711318,8225
RFOUC12X1.512 Core x 1.5mm²60211619,4270
RFOUC16X1.516 Core x 1.5mm²72512821,3360
RFOUC19X1.519 Core x 1.5mm²80413422,4428
RFOUC24X1.524 Core x 1.5mm²98814924,9540
RFOUC27X1.527 Core x 1.5mm²104915525,9608
RFOUC30X1.530 Core x 1.5mm²112416126,9675
RFOUC37X1.537 Core x 1.5mm²131817529,2833
RFOU3G2.52 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²3388313,8113
RFOU4G2.53 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²3848914,9150
RFOU5G2.54 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²4359415,7188
RFOU7G2.56 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²51110317,2263
RFOU1X2.51 Core x 2.5mm²134569,438
RFOU2X2.52 Core x 2.5mm²2737712,975
RFOU3X2.53 Core x 2.5mm²3388313,8113
RFOU4X2.54 Core x 2.5mm²3848914,9150
RFOU5X2.55 Core x 2.5mm²4409515,9188
RFOUC6X2.56 Core x 2.5mm²51110317,2225
RFOUC7X2.57 Core x 2.5mm²51110317,2263
RFOUC8X2.58 Core x 2.5mm²59711218,6300
RFOUC10X2.510 Core x 2.5mm²72312520,8375
RFOUC12X2.512 Core x 2.5mm²75212821,3450
RFOUC16X2.516 Core x 2.5mm²92814223,7600
RFOUC19X2.519 Core x 2.5mm²102414824,7713
RFOUC24X2.524 Core x 2.5mm²128016627,7900
RFOUC27X2.527 Core x 2.5mm²136417328,91013
RFOUC30X2.530 Core x 2.5mm²1466180301125
RFOUC37X2.537 Core x 2.5mm²173319632,71388
RFOU3G42 Core & Earth x 4mm²4279115,2180
RFOU4G43 Core & Earth x 4mm²4919716,2240
RFOU5G44 Core & Earth x 4mm²56810617,6300
RFOU1X41 Core x 4mm²155599,960
RFOU2X42 Core x 4mm²3778814,6120
RFOU3X43 Core x 4mm²4279115,2180
RFOU4X44 Core x 4mm²4919716,2240
RFOU5X45 Core x 4mm²56810617,6300
RFOU3G62 Core & Earth x 6mm²5219816,4270
RFOU4G63 Core & Earth x 6mm²61710717,8360
RFOU5G64 Core & Earth x 6mm²70611519,1450
RFOU1X61 Core x 6mm²1846310,590
RFOU2X62 Core x 6mm²4589515,8180
RFOU3X63 Core x 6mm²5219816,4270
RFOU4X64 Core x 6mm²61710717,8360
RFOU5X65 Core x 6mm²70911519,1450
RFOU3G102 Core & Earth x 10mm²71611419720
RFOU4G103 Core & Earth x 10mm²85312420,6960
RFOU5G104 Core & Earth x 10mm²97813322,21200
RFOU1X101 Core x 10mm²2437111,8240
RFOU2X102 Core x 10mm²61510918,1480
RFOU3X103 Core x 10mm²71611419720
RFOU4X104 Core x 10mm²85312420,6960
RFOU5X105 Core x 10mm²97813322,21200
RFOU3G162 Core & Earth x 16mm²97212520,9720
RFOU4G163 Core & Earth x 16mm²117613622,7960
RFOU5G164 Core & Earth x 16mm²140414824,61200
RFOU1X161 Core x 16mm²3177612,6240
RFOU2X162 Core x 16mm²85911919,9480
RFOU3X163 Core x 16mm²101012520,9720
RFOU4X164 Core x 16mm²120213622,7960
RFOU5X165 Core x 16mm²142914824,61200
RFOU3G252 Core & Earth x 25mm²138414624,31125
RFOU4G253 Core & Earth x 25mm²168915926,51500
RFOU5G254 Core & Earth x 25mm²2045174291875
RFOU1X251 Core x 25mm²4788814,7375
RFOU2X252 Core x 25mm²116513923,1750
RFOU3X253 Core x 25mm²139714624,31125
RFOU4X254 Core x 25mm²168915926,51500
RFOU5X255 Core x 25mm²2045174291875
RFOU3G352 Core & Earth x 35mm²177716928,21575
RFOU5G354 Core & Earth x 35mm²262820333,82625
RFOU1X351 Core x 35mm²5829816,4525
RFOU2X352 Core x 35mm²147816026,71050
RFOU3X353 Core x 35mm²177716928,21575
RFOU4X354 Core x 35mm²216818530,82100
RFOU5X355 Core x 35mm²262820333,82625
RFOU3G502 Core & Earth x 50mm²226719031,62250
RFOU5G504 Core & Earth x 50mm²353323539,23750
RFOU1X501 Core x 50mm²72410617,7750
RFOU2X502 Core x 50mm²198718130,11500
RFOU3X503 Core x 50mm²2370192322250
RFOU4X504 Core x 50mm²2854210353000
RFOU5X505 Core x 50mm²353223539,23750
RFOU3G702 Core & Earth x 70mm²325622437,43150
RFOU1X701 Core x 70mm²96412120,21050
RFOU2X702 Core x 70mm²267220734,52100
RFOU3X703 Core x 70mm²331522437,43150
RFOU4X704 Core x 70mm²4022246414200
RFOU5X705 Core x 70mm²483427145,25250
RFOU3G952 Core & Earth x 95mm²430625342,14275
RFOU1X951 Core x 95mm²124813021,71425
RFOU2X952 Core x 95mm²3625240402850
RFOU3X953 Core x 95mm²447925542,54275
RFOU4X954 Core x 95mm²548428146,85700
RFOU5X955 Core x 95mm²656230851,47125
RFOU3G1202 Core & Earth x 120mm²5188276465400
RFOU1X1201 Core x 120mm²149714123,51800
RFOU2X1202 Core x 120mm²447026243,73600
RFOU3X1203 Core x 120mm²541627846,45400
RFOU4X1204 Core x 120mm²6654306517200
RFOU5X1205 Core x 120mm²799733856,39000
RFOU1X1501 Core x 150mm²180015425,62250
RFOU2X1502 Core x 150mm²532128647,74500
RFOU3X1503 Core x 150mm²652130450,76750
RFOU4X1504 Core x 150mm²8013336569000
RFOU5X1505 Core x 150mm²961937161,811250
RFOU1X1851 Core x 185mm²222816928,12775
RFOU2X1852 Core x 185mm²688833155,25550
RFOU3X1853 Core x 185mm²842735258,68325
RFOU4X1854 Core x 185mm²1036238764,511100
RFOU5X1855 Core x 185mm²1246642771,113875
RFOU1X2401 Core x 240mm²277318430,73600
RFOU2X2402 Core x 240mm²864736560,97200
RFOU3X2403 Core x 240mm²1059638864,610800
RFOU4X2404 Core x 240mm²1306942871,414400
RFOU5X2405 Core x 240mm²1573947278,718000
RFOU1X3001 Core x 300mm²338620834,64500
RFOU2X3002 Core x 300mm²1060140968,29000
RFOU3X3003 Core x 300mm²1307043472,413500
RFOU4X3004 Core x 300mm²1616947979,818000
RFOU5X3005 Core x 300mm²1956552787,922500
RFOU1X4001 Core x 400mm²446623539,16000
RFOU1X6301 Core x 630mm²692928447,49450

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.