Multicore Plus Pilots – Screened Flexible Rubber Cables with Pilots

Flexible Screened VSD Rubber Cables with Pilots 0.6/1kV


For making connections to electrical equipment used in a waste-water environment and subject to medium mechanical stress. Especially for frequency converter controlled AC drives and if considerable demands in respect of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to the EMC directive imposes.

Flexible Rubber Cables Screened with Pilots
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal strand and strand diameter mmNominal
overall diameter mm
Approx. Cable Weight
RUB4G2.5+4PSCR2.5mm² 3C+E + 4×1.5mm²50 x 0.2521.7630
RUB4G4+4PSCR4mm² 3C+E + 4×1.5mm²56 x 0.3024905
RUB4G6+4PSCR6mm² 3C+E + 4×1.5mm²84 x 0.3026930
RUB4G10+4PSCR10mm² 3C+E + 4×1.5mm²80 x 0.4026.71133
RUB4G16+4PSCR16mm² 3C+E + 4×1.5mm²126 x 0.4028.41363
RUB4G25+4PSCR25mm² 3C+E + 4×2.5mm²196 x 0.40342022
RUB4G35+4PSCR35mm² 3C+E + 4×2.5mm²276 x 0.4036.42550
RUB4G50+4PSCR50mm² 3C+E + 4×2.5mm²396 x 0.4042.53600
RUB4G70+4PSCR70mm² 3C+E + 4×2.5mm²546 x 0.4048.24800
RUB4G95+4PSCR95mm² 3C+E + 4×2.5mm²724 x 0.40525450
RUB4G120+4PSCR120mm² 3C+E + 4×2.5mm²926 x 0.40616900

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.