H07RN-F rubber cables are designed to supply power to low voltage appliances including electric motors and submersible pumps in deep water installations as well as many other types of electrical equipment. Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and mechanical strength, CDS H07RN-F cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed installation or mobile service. The nominal voltage up to 1000 V is thanks to the high dielectric properties of the insulation material.

Part No.No of cores and Cross section (mm)Diameter
Weight (Kg/km)
RUB1X1.5BK1 x 1.55.948
RUB1X2.5BK1 x 2.56.562
RUB1X4BK1 x 47.588
RUB1X6BK1 x 68.3116
RUB1X10BK1 x 1010.1182
RUB1X16BK1 x 1611.4250
RUB1X25BK1 x 2513.4361
RUB1X35BK1 x 3514.7469
RUB1X50BK1 x 5017.5671
RUB1X70BK1 x 7019.6892
RUB1X95BK1 x 95221.140
RUB1X120BK1 x 12024.21.420
RUB1X150BK1 x 15026.61.760
RUB1X185BK1 x 18528.82.090
RUB1X240BK1 x 24032.22.710
RUB1X300BK1 x 30034.93.310
RUB1X400BK1 x 40039.34.270
RUB1X500BK1 x 50043.15.390
RUB2X1BK2 x 18.392
RUB2X15BK2 x 1.58.7109
RUB2X4BK2 x 412220
RUB2X6BK2 x 613.7295
RUB2X10BK2 x 1018.1522
RUB2X16BK2 x 1621.6738
RUB2X25BK2 x 2525.71.052
RUB3G1BK3 G 18.9111
RUB3G1.5BK3 G 1.59.7137
RUB3G4BK3 G 413.1276
RUB3G6BK3 G 614.8370
RUB3G10BK3 G 1020.1668
RUB3G16BK3 G 1622.6906
RUB3G25BK3 G 2527.41.360
RUB3G35BK3 G 3529.71.700
RUB3G50BK3 G 5035.42.410
RUB3G70BK3 G 7039.63.180
RUB3G95BK3 G 9545.24.070
RUB4G1BK4 G 19.7134
RUB4G1.5BK4 G 1.510.7169
RUB4G4BK4 G 414.4343
RUB4G6BK4 G 616.7474
RUB4G10BK4 G 1021.6822
RUB4G16BK4 G 1624.61.120
RUB4G25BK4 G 2530.71.730
RUB4G35BK4 G 3533.22.180
RUB4G50BK4 G 5039.23.060
RUB4G70BK4 G 7043.34.040
RUB4G95BK4 G 9550.55.300
RUB5G1BK5 G 110.5162
RUB5G1.5BK5 G 1.511.6206
RUB5G4BK5 G 416.3431
RUB5G6BK5 G 618.4585
RUB5G10BK5 G 1024.21.010
RUB5G16BK5 G 1627.11.380
RUB5G25BK5 G 2533.62.110

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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