Marine – Fire Resistant YZp FR

Low Smoke Halogen Free Fire Resistant Marine Cable 0.6/1kV Black


Fire resistant low voltage power cables according to the new demanding IEC -60331 1/2 specifications for power and lighting applications in all ship areas, with reduced diameter and weight. High abrasion resistant sheath and easily strippable with ripcord. Halogen-free and low-smoke, flame-retardant in fire conditions.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Marine Cables – Fire Resistant
Part No.No of cores x nominal conductor areaNet
MHF3G1.5FR2 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²1304210.568
MHF4G1.5FR3 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²1624711.790
MHF5G1.5FR4 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²2005112.8113
MHF7G1.5FR6 Core & Earth x 1.5mm²2625614.1158
MHF1X1.5FR1 Core x 1.5mm²48235.823
MHF2X1.5FR2 Core x 1.5mm²100409.945
MHF3X1.5FR3 Core x 1.5mm²1304210.568
MHF4X1.5FR4 Core x 1.5mm²1634611.590
MHF5X1.5FR5 Core x 1.5mm²2025112.8113
MHF6X1.5FR6 Core x 1.5mm²2405613.9135
MHF7X1.5FR7 Core x 1.5mm²2555613.9158
MHF8X1.5FR8 Core x 1.5mm²2925213180
MHF10X1.5FR10 Core x 1.5mm²3756315.7225
MHF12X1.5FR12 Core x 1.5mm²4295914.8270
MHF16X1.5FR16 Core x 1.5mm²5656816.9360
MHF19X1.5FR19 Core x 1.5mm²6647318.2428
MHF24X1.5FR24 Core x 1.5mm²84710325.8540
MHF27X1.5FR27 Core x 1.5mm²89911027.4608
MHF30X1.5FR30 Core x 1.5mm²98811328.3675
MHF37X1.5FR37 Core x 1.5mm²120512531.2833
MHF3G2.5FR2 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²174389.5113
MHF4G2.5FR3 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²2195112.8150
MHF5G2.5FR4 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²2714611.6188
MHF7G2.5FR6 Core & Earth x 2.5mm²3396115.3263
MHF1X2.5FR1 Core x 2.5mm²61256.338
MHF2X2.5FR2 Core x 2.5mm²1254410.975
MHF3X2.5FR3 Core x 2.5mm²1694611.5113
MHF4X2.5FR4 Core x 2.5mm²2165112.8150
MHF5X2.5FR5 Core x 2.5mm²2645614.1188
MHF7X2.5FR7 Core x 2.5mm²3386115.3263
MHF3G4FR2 Core & Earth x 4mm²2295112.8180
MHF4G4FR3 Core & Earth x 4mm²2915614240
MHF1X4FR1 Core x 4mm²81276.860
MHF2X4FR2 Core x 4mm²1654811.9120
MHF3X4FR3 Core x 4mm²2285112.8180
MHF4X4FR4 Core x 4mm²2925614240
MHF3G6FR2 Core & Earth x 6mm²2985714.2270
MHF4G6FR3 Core & Earth x 6mm²3996215.6360
MHF1X6FR1 Core x 6mm²104307.490
MHF2X6FR2 Core x 6mm²2195313.2180
MHF3X6FR3 Core x 6mm²2985614270
MHF4X6FR4 Core x 6mm²3916215.6360
MHF3G10FR2 Core & Earth x 10mm²4336315.8450
MHF4G10FR3 Core & Earth x 10mm²5637017.4600
MHF1X10FR1 Core x 10mm²148328.1150
MHF2X10FR2 Core x 10mm²3085914.7300
MHF3X10FR3 Core x 10mm²4336315.8450
MHF4X10FR4 Core x 10mm²5637017.4600
MHF3G16FR2 Core & Earth x 16mm²6317418.4720
MHF4G16FR3 Core & Earth x 16mm²8158020.1960
MHF1X16FR1 Core x 16mm²214389.4240
MHF2X16FR2 Core x 16mm²4446917.2480
MHF3X16FR3 Core x 16mm²6327418.4720
MHF4X16FR4 Core x 16mm²8238120.3960
MHF1X25FR1 Core x 25mm²3234511.2375
MHF2X25FR2 Core x 25mm²6788420.9750
MHF3X25FR3 Core x 25mm²9719022.41125
MHF4X25FR4 Core x 25mm²128110024.91500
MHF1X35FR1 Core x 35mm²4464912.3525
MHF2X35FR2 Core x 35mm²8769222.91050
MHF1X50FR1 Core x 50mm²5515614.1750
MHF2X50FR2 Core x 50mm²117410927.31500
MHF1X70FR1 Core x 70mm²76464161050
MHF1X95FR1 Core x 95mm²10317318.31425
MHF1X120FR1 Core x 120mm²12928019.91800
MHF1X150FR1 Core x 150mm²156688222250
MHF1X185FR1 Core x 185mm²19429924.72775
MHF1X240FR1 Core x 240mm²250010927.33600
MHF1X300FR1 Core x 300mm²302012330.84500

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.