SM (9/125um) – STST

Fiber Patchlead 9/125 Singlemode Duplex ST-ST Connectors

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These high speed single-mode 9/125µm duplex fiber optic patch cables are terminated with ST fiber optic connectors on both ends (ST-ST). Straight Tip connectors utilize a bayonet-style coupling type, enabling a simple twist-on and twist-off installation.

Singlemode Patchleads  ( 9/125um ) ST-ST
Part No.Description
FPL-SM-D-STST-1MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex ST-ST 1M
FPL-SM-D-STST-2MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex ST-ST 2M
FPL-SM-D-STST-3MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex ST-ST 3M
FPL-SM-D-STST-5MPatchlead Single Mode Duplex ST-ST 5M
FPL-SM-D-STST-10MPatchlead Single Mode Duplex ST-ST 10M
FPL-SM-D-STST-15MPatchlead Single Mode Duplex ST-ST 15M
FPL-SM-D-STST-20MPatchlead Single Mode Duplex ST-ST 20M


DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.

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