SM (9/125um) – SCLC

Fiber Patchlead 9/125 Singlemode Duplex SC-LC Connectors

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These high speed single-mode 9/125µm OS2 duplex fiber optic patch cables are terminated with LC fiber optic connectors on one end and SC fiber optic connectors on the other end (LC-SC). These snap-in connectors are typically used for high density connections and are compatible with plug-and-play devices such as SFP modules and XFP transceivers. Referred to as Subscriber Connectors, Square Connectors or Standard Connectors, these push-pull connectors are the most common choice for FTTH (fiber to the home) applications in use for Datacom and Telcom and most GBIC modules require this connector type.

Singlemode Patchleads  ( 9/125um ) SC-LC
Part No.Description
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-1MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 1M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-2MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 2M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-3MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 3M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-5MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 5M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-10MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 10M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-15MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 15M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-20MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 20M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-25MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 25M
FPL-SM-D-SCLC-30MPatchlead Singlemode Duplex SC-LC 30M


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