Copper Lugs – Lugs

Tinned copper compression connectors

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Copper Lug
Part No. Description
CL1.5-5 1.5-5mm Copper Lug            (Pkt: 100x)
CL1.5-6 1.5-6mm Copper Lug            (Pkt: 100x)
CL2.5-4 2.5-4mm Copper Lug            (Pkt: 100x)
CL2.5-5 2.5-5mm Copper Lug            (Pkt: 100x)
CL2.5-6 2.5-6mm Copper Lug            (Pkt: 100x)
CL2.5-8 2.5-8mm Copper Lug            (Pkt: 100x)
CL4-5 4-5mm Copper Lug               (Pkt: 100x)
CL4-6 4-6mm Copper Lug               (Pkt: 100x)
CL4-8 4-8mm Copper Lug               (Pkt: 100x)
CL4-10 4-10mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 100x)
CL6-5 6-5mm Copper Lug               (Pkt: 100x)
CL6-6 6-6mm Copper Lug               (Pkt: 100x)
CL6-8 6-8mm Copper Lug               (Pkt: 100x)
CL6-10 6-10mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 100x)
CL10-5 10-5mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL10-6 10-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL10-8 10-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL10-10 10-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL10-12 10-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL16-6 16-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL16-8 16-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL16-10 16-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL16-12 16-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL25-6 25-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL25-8 25-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL25-10 25-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL25-12 25-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL35-6 35-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL35-8 35-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 25x)
CL35-10 35-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL35-12 35-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 25x)
CL50-6 50-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 10x)
CL50-8 50-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 10x)
CL50-10 50-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 10x)
CL50-12 50-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 10x)
CL70-6 70-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 10x)
CL70-8 70-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 10x)
CL70-10 70-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 10x)
CL70-12 70-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 10x)
CL70-16 70-16mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 10x)
CL95-6 95-6mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 1x)
CL95-8 95-8mm Copper Lug             (Pkt: 1x)
CL95-10 95-10mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL95-12 95-12mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL95-16 95-16mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL120-8 120-8mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL120-10 120-10mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL120-12 120-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL120-16 120-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL150-10 150-10mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL150-12 150-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL150-16 150-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL185-10 185-10mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL185-12 185-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL185-16 185-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL240-0 240-0mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL240-10 240-10mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL240-12 240-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL240-16 240-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL300-0 300-0mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL300-12 300-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL300-16 300-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL400-0 400-0mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL400-12 400-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL400-16 400-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL500-0 500-0mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL500-12 500-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL500-16 500-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL630-0 630-0mm Copper Lug           (Pkt: 1x)
CL630-12 630-12mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)
CL630-16 630-16mm Copper Lug         (Pkt: 1x)

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