Multi Core – PVC Braid Flexible Screened VSD/EMC – Translucent Orange Sheath

PVC/TCWB Orange Transparent Sheath Flexible 0.6/1kV UV Stabilised for indoor and outdoor use.


Specifically designed low capacitance screened cable for connection between AC variable speed drives and motors. Suitable for fixed installation and occasional freely flexing applications in dry damp and wet conditions.

PVC Braid Flexible Screened – Translucent Orange Sheath UV Stabilised
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal no of strands & strand diameterNominal diameter over screenNominal cable diameterApprox weight kg/km
EMC4G1.5OE1.5mm² 3C+E30 x 0.258.411.5150
EMC4G2.5OE2.5mm² 3C+E50 x 0.259.413205
EMC4G4OE4mm² 3C+E56 x 0.3011.615.5320
EMC6G4OE6mm² 3C+E84 x0.3012.817410
EMC10G4OE10mm² 3C+E80 x 0.4015.319.5600
EMC3X16+3EOE16mm² 3C+3E126 x 0.4016.221770
EMC3X25+3EOE25mm² 3C+3E196 x 0.4019.824.51110
EMC3X35+3EOE35mm² 3C+3E276 x 0.4022.5281510
EMC3X50+3EOE50mm² 3C+3E396 x 0.4026.7332140
EMC3X70+3EOE70mm² 3C+3E546 x 0.4030.6372860
EMC3X95+3EOE95mm² 3C+3E724 x 0.4035.1423740
EMC3X120+3EOE120mm² 3C+3E926 x 0.4039.646.54810
EMC3X150+3EOE150mm² 3C+3E1156 x 0.4044.351.55850
EMC3X185+3EOE185mm² 3C+3E1406 x 0.4048.9577100
EMC3X240+3EOE240mm² 3C+3E1862 x 0.4055.864.59500
EMC3X300+3EOE300mm² 3C+3E1456 x 0.5062.97211680

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.