Data Racks – Wallbox (Wall mounted Data Rack)

Wall Mounted Data Cabinets ( Various Sizes Available )

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Wallbox (Wall mounted Data Rack)
Part No. Description
RACK-WB-SF-6RU Dataflow Wall Box  6ru Swing Frame
RACK-WB-6RU-350 Dataflow Wall Box  6ru 350mm Deep
RACK-WB-6RU-500 Dataflow Wall Box  6ru 500mm Deep
RACK-WB-SF-9RU Dataflow Wall Box  9ru Swing Frame
RACK-WB-9RU-500 Dataflow Wallbox 9ru 500mm Deep
RACK-WB-9RU-600 Dataflow Wallbox 9ru 600mm Deep
RACK-WB-SF-12RU Dataflow Wall Box 12ru Swing Frame
RACK-WB-12RU-500 Dataflow Wallbox 12ru 500mm Deep
RACK-WB-12RU-600 Dataflow Wallbox 12ru 600mm Deep
RACK-WB-SF-18RU Dataflow Wall Box  18ru Swing Frame
RACK-WB-18RU-500 Dataflow Wallbox 18ru 500mm Deep
RACK-WB-18RU-600 Dataflow Wallbox 18ru 600mm Deep


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