Multi Core – PVC Flexible Control Grey Sheath

PVC Control Flexible Grey Sheath, 300/500V


These cables are designed for flexible use involving medium mechanical stresses with free movement in dry, moist and wet rooms, as measuring and control cables in tool machines, conveyor belts and production lines in machinery production, in air conditioning and steel production. Not suitable for open air applications.

PVC Flexible Control Grey Sheath
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal
overall diameter mm
Approx. Cable Weight
IND3G0.5GY0.5mm² 2C+ E5.146
IND4G0.5GY0.5mm² 3C+ E5.756
IND5G0.5GY0.5mm² 4C+ E6.265
IND7G0.5GY0.5mm² 6C+ E7.480
IND12G0.5GY0.5mm² 11C+E9.1135
IND18G0.5GY0.5mm² 17C+E10.7196
IND25G0.5GY0.5mm² 24C+E13270
IND42G0.5GY0.5mm² 41C+E15.8449
IND65G0.5GY0.5mm² 64C+E19.4682
IND3G0.75GY0.75mm² 2C+ E5.554
IND4G0.75GY0.75mm² 3C+ E6.266
IND5G0.75GY0.75mm² 4C+ E6.880
IND7G0.75GY0.75mm² 6C+ E8.1110
IND12G0.75GY0.75mm² 11C+E9.9179
IND18G0.75GY0.75mm² 17C+E11.9257
IND25G0.75GY0.75mm² 24C+E14.5365
IND42G0.75GY0.75mm² 41C+E17.6612
IND65G0.75GY0.75mm² 64C+E21.5895
IND3G1GY1mm² 2C+ E672
IND4G1GY1mm² 3C+ E6.686
IND5G1GY1mm² 4C+ E7.2104
IND7G1GY1mm² 6C+ E8.6141
IND12G1GY1mm² 11C+E10.7230
IND18G1GY1mm² 17C+E12.7343
IND25G1GY1mm² 24C+E15.6485
IND42G1GY1mm² 41C+E18.9810
IND65G1GY1mm² 64C+E22.81180
IND3G1.5GY1.5mm² 2C+ E6.790
IND4G1.5GY1.5mm² 3C+ E7.3109
IND5G1.5GY1.5mm² 4C+ E8.2131
IND7G1.5GY1.5mm² 6C+ E9.8184
IND12G1.5GY1.5mm² 11C+E12.1309
IND18G1.5GY1.5mm² 17C+E14.5440
IND3G2.5GY2.5mm² 2C+ E8.3148
IND4G2.5GY2.5mm² 3C+ E9.1178
IND5G2.5GY2.5mm² 4C+ E10.2221
IND7G2.5GY2.5mm² 6C+ E12.1306
IND12G2.5GY2.5mm² 11C+E15.2498
IND18G2.5GY2.5mm² 17C+E18.1764
IND3G4GY4mm² 2C+ E9.9230
IND4G4GY4mm² 3C+ E11295
IND5G4GY4mm² 4C+ E12.1361
IND5G7GY4mm² 6C+ E13.3458
IND3G6GY6mm² 2C+ E11.7355
IND4G6GY6mm² 3C+ E13424
IND5G6GY6mm² 4C+ E14.5525
IND7G6GY6mm² 6C+ E16625
IND3G10GY10mm² 2C+ E15540
IND4G10GY10mm² 3C+ E16.8701
IND5G10GY10mm² 4C+ E18.7858

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.