Screened Rubber Cables

EPR/CPE R90C 0.6/1kV Submersible Rubber Screened Variable Speed Drive Cable


Designed for connection of AC Variable speed drives and incorporates an aluminium/mylar tape plus a tinned copper braid & split earth cores for optimum screening performance of low and high frequencies (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMI). Can all be used as submersible flexibles to 100 Mts depth.

PVC Braid Flexible Screened – Black Sheath Rubber EPR Submersible
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal
overall diameter mm
Approx. Cable Weight
RUB5G2.5SCR2.5mm² 4C+E15.710.5533
RUB5G4SCR4mm² 4C+E22.416.2728
RUB5G6SCR6mm² 4C+E24.017.8952
RUB5G10SCR10mm² 4C+E28.222.01670
RUB3X10+3ESCR10mm² 3C+3E21.517.9675
RUB3X16+3ESCR16mm² 3C+3E23.519.5955
RUB3X25+3ESCR25mm² 3C+3E28.524.51455
RUB3X35+3ESCR35mm² 3C+3E32.025.72200
RUB3X50+3ESCR50mm² 3C+3E40.032.73210
RUB3X70+3ESCR70mm² 3C+3E43.335.03950
RUB3X95+3ESCR95mm² 3C+3E48.740.55126
RUB3X120+3ESCR120mm² 3C+3E51.343.05925
RUB3X150+3ESCR150mm² 3C+3E58.549.37146
RUB3X185+3ESCR185mm² 3C+3E63.053.7867.5

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.