Festoon – Rubber Sheath

Flat Festoon (N)GFLGOU-JZ Rubber Black Sheath, Flexible


300/500V cables, EPR rubber compound insulated, PCP rubber compound outer sheath, plain copper conductors, 25mm2 extra flexible stranded class 6, 35mm2 flexible stranded class 5, to IEC 60228/DIN VDE 0295. These cables are used for festoon and handling systems, machine tools, lifts and e-chain cable carrier systems. For applications with high mechanical stress and frequent bending in one plane only

Festoon Cable Power – Rubber Sheath
Part No.Cross Section + No of coresApprox outer dimensions mmApprox weight km/kg
FEST4G4RUB4mm² 3C+E9 x 26410
FEST5G4RUB4mm² 4C+E9 x 32560
FEST7G6RUB4mm² 6C+E9 x 42700
FEST4G6RUB6mm² 3C+E9.5 x 29600
FEST5G6RUB6mm² 4C+E9.5 x 35650
FEST7G6RUB6mm² 6C+E9.5 x 42850
FEST4G10RUB10mm² 3C+E11 x 33800
FEST5G10RUB10mm² 4C+E11 x 441000
FEST4G16RUB16mm² 3C+E13 x 381150
FEST5G16RUB16mm² 4C+E13 x 501450
FEST4G25RUB25mm² 3C+E15 x 49.51700
FEST5G25RUB25mm² 4C+E16 x 602200
FEST7G25RUB25mm² 6C+E16 x 803060
FEST4G35RUB35mm² 3C+E17 x 552200
FEST7G35RUB35mm² 6C+E17 x 883900
FEST4G50RUB50mm² 3C+E19 x 633000
FEST4G70RUB70mm² 3C+E22 x 714000
FEST4G95RUB95mm² 3C+E25 x 805300
FEST4G120RUB120mm² 3C+E27 x 866400
FESTC4G1.5RUB1.5mm² 3C+E6.2 x 17.5200
FESTC5G1.5RUB1.5mm² 4C+E6.2 x 215240
FESTC7G1.5RUB1.5mm² 6C+E6.2 x 29360
FESTC8G1.5RUB1.5mm² 7C+E6.2 x 31.5370
FESTC10G1.5RUB1.5mm² 9C+E6.5 x 40520
FESTC12G1.5RUB1.5mm² 11C+E6.5 x 47620
FESTC24G1.5RUB1.5mm² 23C+E12.5 x 551300
FESTC4G2.5RUB2.5mm² 3C+E7.5 x 21280
FESTC5G2.5RUB2.5mm² 4C+E7.5 x 27400
FESTC7G2.5RUB2.5mm² 6C+E7.5 x 35520
FESTC8G2.5RUB2.5mm² 7C+E7.5 x 39550
FESTC12G2.5RUB2.5mm² 11C+E8 x 56800
FESTC24G2.5RUB2.5mm² 23C+E16 x 681850

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.