Single Core 3.3kV – Rubber Flexible Black Sheath, 110 1.9/3.3kV

Flexible SDI Rubber Cable 110C 1.8/3.3kV


Special-purpose rubber insulated single-core cabled with a rated voltage of 3.3kV. Because of the increased mechanical strength due to the greater insulation thickness as compared with LV single-core cables, they are classified as short-circuit-proof and earth-fault-proof.

3.3kV Rubber Cables
Part No.Cross section mm2 x No. of coresNominal
overall diameter mm
Approx. Cable Weight
RUB1X1.5BK3.3kV1.5mm² x 15.847
RUB1X2.5BK3.3kV2.5mm² x 16.359
RUB1X4BK3.3kV4mm² x 16.877
RUB1X6BK3.3kV6mm² x 17.397
RUB1X10BK3.3kV10mm² x 18.8153
RUB1X16BK3.3kV16mm² x 110.2214
RUB1X25BK3.3kV25mm² x 112.2324
RUB1X35BK3.3kV35mm² x 113.3421
RUB1X50BK3.3kV50mm² x 114.7564
RUB1X70BK3.3kV70mm² x 116.6758
RUB1X95BK3.3kV95mm² x 118.9995
RUB1X120BK3.3kV120mm² x 1211253
RUB1X150BK3.3kV150mm² x 1231540
RUB1X185BK3.3kV185mm² x 1251862
RUB1X240BK3.3kV240mm² x 128.32428
RUB1X300BK3.3kV300mm² x 131.33006
RUB1X400BK3.3kV400mm² x 135.33898
RUB1X500BK3.3kV500mm² x 139.55016
RUB1X630BK3.3kV630mm² x 143.76450

DISCLAIMER: Specifications and technical details are for indicative purposes only, subject to change.